Saturday, November 28, 2015

Luxury Christmas: Choosing a Memorable gift

Gifts for the woman or man who has everything can take more thought and time. One experience gift is to have your loved one(s) painted. It is an exciting process and having the painting to open is a delight.

Gift certificates are available to wrap and present. To read testimonials of how much others have loved this gift, please click here.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Luxury Gifts: Best Anniversary Gift, being thankful for ones Loved Ones

While we are all enjoying the winter holidays, some will be looking ahead to special anniversaries next year in 2016. Sometimes the best anniversary gift that art lovers can buy from my site are custom oil portraits for their loved ones. These can be gift certificates for a certain type of painting, for example a 3/4 figure oil portrait that would include hands in a seated or standing figure painting of their spouse.

Another option is to have one's children painted for a spouse. This is a very popular gift and can be done with new photos I take (and some quick sketches done at that time) or from existing photographs. Sometimes there is a treasured photo in the home that works into a lovely custom commissioned portrait. In that case I get approval from the photographer to paint the image.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Portraits: Luxury Gifts online

Finding a gift for those who have one of everything can be a pleasant challenge. If you are looking for something unique and memorable a gift certificate for a portrait can be a wonderful gift.

Typical past special occasion gifts have been:

Anniversary Gifts
Birthday Gifts
40th BD Gifts
50th BD gifts
90th Birthday Gifts
Gifts for Grandparents
Wedding Gifts

Just email me for details at You can read my testimonials on my website to see how happy my clients and portrait subjects have been!

Commission a portrait: A few Custom Portraits from 2015

I have a few paintings that are being completed which I will post soon, but here are a few custom portraits from 2015. I am always honored to paint a loved ones portrait.

Custom Portraits: luxury gifts for men who have everything

30" x 24"
oil on linen

This custom oil portrait was painted for a husband's 40th birthday gift. Luxury gifts for men who have everything would fit this category of painting that I do each year. What better way to honor one's family than to commission a portrait like this. Custom portraits take some time, so planning ahead is wise.