Thursday, August 27, 2015

Unveiling of Men's Formal Oil Portrait: A Memorable Birthday Gift

It was a pleasure to work with this family on this formal men's oil portrait. I was on a tight deadline, but it was rewarding to paint this for the 4 adult children's 90th birthday gift to their Dad. What a lovely family and I was so happy to see this photo in my email inbox a week or two after delivering the framed painting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Visit with a Client in New Orleans: a Charming Day

One of the nicest things about my work is getting to know my clients and portrait subjects, of all ages, who live around the country. As I was recently in New Orleans I stopped by to have a visit with a delightful portrait subject and her charming family. I was so pleased to see the gorgeous frame they'd selected and the lovely setting for the painting. It will be interesting to see how their lighting expert lights the painting when I see them another time.

I have worked with a number of families in the South, as well as in the North. It is always an honor to be asked to paint a portrait of someone's loved one, as I am keenly aware that they wish to have the portrait be perfect and they are entrusting me with this task of depicting their loved one and presenting a painting to them months later. Hearing from my happy clients after the painting is shipped is a delight. Please see my testimonials page for more details.

Children's Oil Portraits: a sampling of my Girl's and Boy's Oil portraits

Here are a few samples of my Children's oil and pastel portraits. When I began in portraiture I painted mostly in pastel and mostly children, as the clean up time was quick and materials non-toxic, something I needed at that time. The portrait of the girl above is in pastel. The boy is in oil.

I attended weeklong classes at Connie Pratt's Master Workshop on Cape Cod. We'd be painting all day from life with a lunch break, so my skills were quickly honed: accurate drawing, development of form and use of the pastel to create volume. Those were delightful days and she showed me a few of her secret techniques, when she saw how serious I was to learn all I could. I am looking forward to getting started on a pastel this fall of a woman. Working in different mediums is a wonderful way to keep one's work fresh and alive.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Special, unique luxury gifts: Commission a painting for a Loved one

As we wind down the summer and head into fall, you may start wanting to address your Christmas/ Holiday gift list to get a head start. Something really special and everlastingly memorable is a gift certificate for a painting to be commissioned or a painting commissioned and presented for the holiday or other Special Occasion.

I am always so pleased to hear from my clients after the presentation:

" Mom is going to cry when she sees this."

" Sonia exceeded expectations at capturing the warm feeling of a New England home that was ours
for a memorable three years. That picture immediately brings us back to great friends, neighbors,
schools, and community. What an awesome way to remember the best of the past."

"Sonia painted a wonderful pastel landscape for me that hangs in my living room and is admired
on a daily basis. We worked together closely to bring my memories to her vision and the result
brings me great happiness every day. I sincerely recommend Sonia as a supremely talented artist and
professional who strives to make sure her patrons are more than satisfied with the result!"

As I have a waiting list for new commissions, it's wise to plan ahead to be sure I can meet your deadline.

Some ideas include: paintings of special places, people or things. Please see my website for ideas and let me know if I can assist you for this type of work.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Posthumous Oil Paintings: using photographs to paint portraits

One of the more meaningful types of paintings that I am commissioned to paint are posthumous portraits. These are usually commissioned by family members or board members to honor the portrait subject. Some of the posthumous portraits that I've been asked to paint include the spouse of a man in his 80's, who I painted on their wedding day; a family member who was honored with a library in her name; and most recently the mother of my client and a doctor who died unexpectedly, who is the father of my client.

Using supplied photos is something I am comfortable with and I work with my clients to best determine size, background choices and other important details.

To see samples of my portraits, including posthumous commissions:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seascape Commission: paintings from your photos, existing photos

I have just started a small commission for a Sea Street beach lover. Sea Street Beach in Dennis, MA is a charming place that I visit most years. {This year I was also able to start on a morning view of the beach, which I will post when it's done.} The client has asked for me to paint from her photo of a sunset there. I will also add to this with my own reference material.

Commissioning a painting from your own photo(s) or mine of a special place makes a wonderful gift for others or special momento for yourself, so that when those cold winter winds blow again you can smile in remembrance.

To learn more about these paintings, please click on my website:

Larger Floral oil paintings: oil paintings of flowers

To learn more about these paintings, please click on my website: